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Student Visa

Student Visa in Canada

Are you a student looking to further your studies in Canada? Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts can help you get your Study and Work Visa!



Study Visa and Student Work Permit

Canada has one of the highest standards of education in the world. Everyone wants to study here. We can help you do so too. All you really need is an offer of admission to a Designated Learning Institution and proof that you have enough money to pay for your expenses. We will take care of the rest. Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts know how to structure your application to ensure the highest chances of obtaining a positive decision. Even if you have been refused before, you will be surprised at how effectively we can get you a positive decision. Contact us today and we can give you a detailed consultation regarding your case so that you can make an informed decision.

The Study Visa Program in Canada

There are various requirements for the student visa program in Canada. The most important factors in being able to secure your Student Visa in Canada require that you have an offer of admission from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada, have enough funds to be able to pay for your tuition and be able to establish ties to your home country.

Fully Licensed Immigration Consultant Toronto Specialists

Visa People only provides you the services of a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. You can be sure that your case is not being handled by anyone other than a fully licensed Consultant. Visa People is for the People!