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Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship in Canada

Are you looking to sponsor a family member to Canada? Our Immigration Consultant Toronto Specialists can help you!

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Family sponsorship is one of the most common ways to obtain Permanent Residence status in Canada. Our immigration consultants have processed all types of applications, from the most basic to the most complex cases. We can help you secure Permanent Resident status for yourself or your family members. We handle the complete case from beginning to end, through a transparent process, for a flat fee and even offer flexible payment plans! Our professional Immigration Consultants will provide you with a family sponsorship consultation, answer all your questions and give you any legal advice regarding your case. You can then make an informed decision about your case and be sure that you are making the right choice. Our 4 step model outlined below makes it really easy for you to reach your immigration goals sooner!



To get started, simply contact our office either online by filling out a contact form or submitting an online application. If you prefer to talk with someone you may call us on our toll free number above, and don’t worry, there are no long wait times.


Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts will help you get all the information you need for family sponsorship. You will then have a full understanding of your options and can make best decision for you and your family.


If you choose to hire our firm, we will handle the entire application process. Our experts will prepare your application, handle all correspondence with the government and make any additional submissions required throughout the process.


With our extensive experience and knowledge in the immigration industry, you can rest assured that you will get the positive results you need. Immigration is a serious matter and can have permanent implications on your family’s future.

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Visa People only provides you the services of a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. You can be sure that your case is not being handled by anyone other than a fully licensed Consultant. Visa People is for the People!