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How You Can Immigrate to Canada Permanently

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How You Can Immigrate to Canada Permanently

Based on the current immigration programs, the focus of immigration for the Canadian government is primarily on people who have skilled work experience, family reunification or on certain classes of people who are seeking refugee protection and/or asylum. In this article, we will outline the information that will help you determine if you qualify for permeant immigration to Category under one of these categories. Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts can work with you to determine which categories of immigration are the most suitable for you.


1) Express Entry System – Skilled Workers

This is the most popular category of immigration as of right now for all newcomers to Canada and is the most common type of application that leads to Permanent Resident (PR) status in Canada. Under this program, you are entered in to a pool of candidates who also have skilled working experience, formal education and the minimum required language abilities. Based on these factors, amongst others, you will be assigned points and based on those points, you may or may not get selected for PR in Canada.

To qualify, you have to have at least one year of skilled working experience and meet the minimum language requirements. You will have to do an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) through an accredited organization as well as a language test through IELTS.

2) Family Reunification – Family Sponsorship

This is the second most common category of immigration for newcomers to secure PR status in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada have a strong focus on family reunification and strive to bring families together in Canada to help them build a better and stronger future. Under this program, you may be eligible to sponsor your spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner, including any dependent children.

To be eligible you do not have to meet the minimum income requirement, as long as you are not taking any form of social assistance other than disability. Depending on where your spouse/partner currently is, you may even be eligible to sponsor him/her from within Canada and get an open work permit while he/she waits for the PR application to be processed. Contact our office today to see how our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts can help you.


3) Refugee Protection / Asylum Seekers

This category is for those individuals who have a well-founded fear for their life in their home country and are seeking special help to remain in Canada because if they are returned to their home country, they may face the possibility of death or extreme hardship. Keep in mind that this is an exceptional category of immigration and is only granted if you have a very compelling case, with additional supporting documents, to prove your case.


Even if you do not fit in to one of these categories of permanent immigration, there are still several other options that are available. Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts have all the most up to date knowledge and information to do a thorough assessment of your case to determine which immigration options are the most suitable for you. We will evaluate your case to determine the best solution for your immigration needs and provide you with all the information relevant to your situation so that you can make an informed decision.


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