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Spousal Sponsorship

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

We Can Help You Sponsor Your Spouse To Canada! Experienced Immigration Experts will process the complete case

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Spousal Sponsorship is the most common type of application that our office handles. The primary goal of a spousal sponsorship application is to demonstrate that your relationship and marriage is genuine. Our experienced Immigration Consultant can help ensure that your application is complete, accurate and that everything is completed to the satisfaction of the assessing officer. Contact Us today to see how we can help you sponsor your spouse to Canada and get Permanent Resident status!



To get started, simply contact our office either online by filling out a contact form or submitting an online application. If you prefer to talk with someone you may call us on our toll free number above, and don’t worry, there are no long wait times.


Our Immigration Consultant Toronto experts will help you get all the information you need for family sponsorship. You will then have a full understanding of your options and can make best decision for you and your family.


If you choose to hire our firm, we will handle the entire application process. Our experts will prepare your application, handle all correspondence with the government and make any additional submissions required throughout the process.


With our extensive experience and knowledge in the immigration industry, you can rest assured that you will get the positive results you need. Immigration is a serious matter and can have permanent implications on your family’s future.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Spousal Sponsorship for Immigration Consultant Toronto

Can my spouse or partner come to Canada while the sponsorship application is being processed

If I apply to sponsor my spouse or partner as an in-land applicant, can he/she still travel?

Is the processing time different if I apply as an overseas applicant versus in-land applicant?

Is there a minimum income requirement to sponsor my spouse or partner?

If my spouse or partner is currently in Canada and is out of status, can I still sponsor him/her?

Do I have to wait until I am married before I can sponsor my spouse?

What if my application for sponsorship gets refused?

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