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Spousal Sponsorship Canada Process and Information

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Spousal Sponsorship Canada Process and Information

The spousal sponsorship process in Canada has undergone quite a few changes over the past few years. The most recent changes implemented by CIC on December 7th, 2016 were aimed at making the process easier, have quicker processing times and simply the application by introducing a common universal checklist for all applicants. Depending on who you ask, they may say this new application process is easier or they may say it has made it more difficult for them. Whether you are a professional in the industry or your just researching information so that you can potentially sponsor your spouse, this article details general information, changes that have been implemented for spousal sponsorship and  tips and tricks to improve your application.

1. Important Information About Spousal Sponsorship Canada.

Your first decision when it comes to Spousal Sponsorship in Canada is whether you will apply as an in-land applicant (if you are physically present in Canada) or an overseas applicant. Regardless of what method you choose the processing time is still the same: 12 months.
If you are applying as an in-land applicant, you can also get a work permit while you wait for your Permanent Residence (PR) to be granted.
You want to ensure that you review the application guide and forms thoroughly so that your application is not sent back for incompletion or, even worst, is refused.
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2. Changes that have been made to the Spousal Sponsorship Process in Canada.

The new liberal government in Canada has invoked a new strategy which promises to almost all applications processed within 12 months. Regardless of if you are applying overseas or as an in-land applicant, this timeframe will apply. This seems like quite the promise from CIC however it does seem like they have been making positive changes overall which are helping in reducing processing times.
You do not need to complete your medical exam before submitting your application. This will reduce the number of medical exams that people are required to do throughout the process.
You do not need to provide police clearance certificates from your country of nationality, citizenship or where you are applying from if you are a habitual residence of that country.

3. Tips and Tricks to help you with the Sponsorship Process.

If you are applying to sponsor your spouse in Canada, keep in mind that he/she can apply for an open work permit while they wait for their application to be processed. Not only will this give the applicant valid status in Canada, but they can also work and provide financial support for themselves and their sponsor.
Even if the person you are sponsoring (principal applicant) does not have valid status in Canada, you may still apply to sponsor them and request an open work permit.
If you are applying as an in-land applicant, it is advisable that you do not travel during the processing time of your application. If you do leave Canada, your application can be considered to be abandoned and withdrawn.
Remember that preparing the application is not the difficult part.  It is reading through the process and guides provided by CIC and learning everything that is the hard part. Most people find that they spend an excessive number of hours just learning the process, and it may just be easier for them to hire a professional to complete it for them. Not only easier, but if you consider your time value for the number of hours you have to invest to prepare the application, it is usually actually cheaper to hire a professional to do it for you.
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