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There are a number of reasons why individuals would want to work with immigration consultants over applying for a visa themselves. The amount of work that goes into the visa application process and the level of accuracy that is required make it necessary to take the assistance of experienced professionals. Our team of consultants has worked with a number of clients and our work has proven to provide them with a level of satisfaction few others offer.

Our Three-Step Approach


Visa Application

Firstly, the visa application has to be thorough. Documents have to be immaculately assessed so there are no errors.

On phone

Account Communication

Once submitted, the account has to be consistently monitored so any communication from Immigration Canada (CIC) is immediately attended to and appropriately addressed.

On Skype


Finally, there may still be requirements to be met post visa approval and it becomes important for a consultant to be wary and advice their clientele on the same.

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